Sowell is quoted for “American society cannot be adequately described as ‘minorities.’ There is no ‘majority.’”[1] This is seen up to the 1970’s as describing different ‘whiteness’ not on one particular ‘whiteness.’ The literature was not about bringing people to together but separating them out by ethnicity. This was the start of immigration history not as a field in American history but a different perspective. This is the difference of operational military historians in the genre of military history and the creation of Women’s history and how it affects military history. This was in part by distancing oneself from atrocities of the past by claiming your heritage had nothing to do with it. This is not something I had thought about as a reason for heritage, I always thought of it as gaining something not losing something else.

[1] Sowell, Thomas. Ethnic America: A History. New York: Basic Books, 1981.