Military Histories Old and New

The three tents of Military history are ‘New Military History,” Operational Historians, and Memory and Culture Military. These three groups do not agree but they each come to a different picture in history. New Military Historians often focus on how a war started, what caused it, and how it ended with like focus on who fought who and where. Fred Anderson is the main historian and prime example for this tent. Operational historians are often seen as too traditional but in the recent past they became for innovative by keeping with their modus operandi of exploring how different factors caused certain battles and wars to be lost/won. The specimen here is Dennis E. Showalter. He wrote extensively on Early German military history. They do sometimes often focus too much on ‘great man’ history and too little of other more subliminal factors. Emily S. Rosenberg leads the tent of historians that look at memory and culture and how they affect military history. The question is not which one is best because thy all must be put together in our mind to see a fuller picture of the past and its causes and insights. We must ask, how do we combine the tents not in practice but in our minds? We must look to see the downfalls of each and how the others cover that place in a different way to avoid the problem. We must understand each has a place today and that they all create a better understanding of the past by looking at military history through different scopes and thus seeing different things.

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