National Insecurities

The study by Deirdre Moloney is an integration of social and public policy history. Focuses on broader movements that include Progressive Era, New Deal, and the Red Scare. This study by Moloney also is interdisciplinary in its data pulling from political scientist and legal scholars to name a few.  She discusses the difference that lead to the opposition of immigration specifically deportation and exclusion and the difference between the two, whether initially entry in the beginning. Since Moloney is a social historian she then focuses on the US’s governmental policies and agencies that do the deportation. She then places her work Rodgers, Higham, and Gutmann’s work on the subject. Her works builds from Rodgers by adding trans-nationalism and global perspectives to it. She also alludes to non-American work by Rygiel and McKeown work on academic immigration thought. She also adds to the leading discussions on whiteness and its gendered aspects.

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