The Italian American Table

Simone Cinotto discusses how food played an important role in Italian-American immigrants through multiple different mediums. One big way food was important was the social aspect of familial ties and dependence. Since meals where eaten together, as seen in popular culture with The Godfather and The Sopranos, having food as a family allowed later generations to stay connected to their heritage without losing their ‘Americanness.’ Food in social structures in later generations connected them back to the ‘Old Neighborhoods,’ since many migrated out of the city when moving up in economic status. Italian food also helped women gain some independence since their job was the preparation of the food. Most women wanted this, because it gave them some power in a time and place that gave them little in those regards. Cinotto’s introduction, in the end discusses a view of immigrant that is interdisciplinary in its methodology and it is also focusing of new movements in the field with migration out of the city, a global diaspora, and a focus on women’s experiences of the time.

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